Government & Public Safety

Serving clients who are:

  • Police and Fire Agencies
  • Public Works Departments
  • City, County and State Administrators
  • Special Purpose Districts
  • School Districts
  • Regional Authorities
  • Intergovernmental Committees

Most public entities have competent local counsel or staff attorneys to assist in everyday government operations and litigation. However, telecommunications law is a highly specialized field, and telecommunications technology is usually beyond the ken of general or administrative counsel. Your legal officer is probably not familiar with Maximum Permissible Exposure technical bulletins or regulations affecting radio license renewal. We know the technology, the infrastructure and the law. Higgs Law Group L.L.C. can consult with your general counsel or provide other officials with assistance in a variety of specific areas. HLG provides you with exceptional and specialized assistance while working with you to meet your budgetary constraints. 

System purchase contracts:
HLG can draft, review or negotiate contracts with major vendors for the purchase or expansion of government-owned radio systems and infrastructure. 

Administrative Procedures:
We can work with a government entity to create a set of standards or regulations governing the leasing of public lands for commercial telecommunications infrastructure. Likewise, we can provide consultation to ensure that existing local zoning requirements are not at variance with local government obligations under the Telecommunications Act of 1996, and thus avoid costly litigation. HLG will help you find ways to create responsible zoning ordinances that ameliorate relations between commercial interests and private landowners.

Mutual aid or interoperability agreements, contracts and Memorandums of Understanding:
Regional radio systems and Mutual Aid support are becoming vital to local governments. Multijurisdictional efforts improve communications services while minimizing the impact on already-strained budgets. HLG can be brought in as an honest broker to forge agreements unhindered by local or interagency politics.

Collocation, operating and maintenance agreements with commercial operations:
Some local governments own facilities and infrastructure that could become revenue centers (or at the very least, earn enough to be self-supporting and decrease budget strain). Conversely, some local governments need to expand coverage or system capabilities, but lack the property or resources to go it alone. HLG can draft and negotiate agreements between local governments and commercial telecommunications businesses to the mutual advantage of both. For smaller cities or counties that that do not own their own radio systems or maintenance facilities, we can draft, negotiate or review technical service contracts or dedicated channel agreements with commercial service providers.

E-911 and PSAP agreements with Local Exchange Carriers:
Homeland Security needs, citizen pressure and government mandates are putting the heat on the activation of enhanced 9-1-1 services for local PSAPs. This is made more urgent by the burgeoning use of cellular and other mobile devices to access emergency help. A major obstacle to E-911 service has been failure to establish compensation and operational agreements between PSAPs and Local Exchange Carriers. HLG can work with you to create agreements that will get location-based emergency calling up-and-running in your community.