Equipment and Interconnection

Experimental Use:
Innovation is a key to a successful telecommunications business. New ways to utilize existing services, or the creation of new services, sometimes doesn't fit into the current regulatory template. Higgs Law Group L.L.C. can work with you to obtain special or temporary authorizations to field test new systems, equipment and infrastructure. 

Type Acceptance:
The introduction of new equipment into the marketplace, and the availability of resources being used successfully in other countries, depends on authorizations granted by the FCC. We can work with you to streamline the approval process for new technology or the importation of efficient systems.

Intellectual property:
Protection of patentable developments and trade dress is important for both telecommunications service providers and original equipment manufacturers. HLG can work with you to ensure that the financial benefits from your creativity remain with the creator. By the same token, if another company is infringing on your products, services or name, we can develop an injunction or litigation strategy to secure your rights and to seek appropriate damages. 

If you are interconnected with the LEC in your area, chances are you have been overpaying for years. Let us help you not only to stem the tide of those rising phone bills, but also to persuade the LEC to make up for years of unlawful payments with a generous settlement. We have negotiated dozens of interconnection and settlement agreements with all of the major LECs. Our attorneys have published articles on interconnection strategy, and have successfully petitioned the United States Court of Appeals to remand improper FCC interconnection rulings. Call us and become our next success story.