FCC Enforcement & Litigation

Operating characteristics:
Power requirements and interference issues are now under the highest scrutiny. FCC citations and fines are increasing in frequency and severity. Higgs Law Group L.L.C. can help you to identify potential trouble spots in your operations before regulators become involved. If you already face an enforcement proceeding, we can work together to minimize your exposure. 

Health and safety:
These issues have never received more attention than now. Maximum Permissible Exposure to RF radiation, signage, and site security need constant attention. The FCC is issuing citations and fines on a regular basis for improper posting of notices. Other regulatory bodies such as OSHA and the EPA are making their presence felt in the site world as well.

Broadcaster issues:
The FCC is ramping up its scrutiny of several aspects of broadcast communications. In operations, particular attention is being paid to tower site security and lighting employed by radio and TV broadcasters. Proper compliance with EAS system readiness and documentation is also being pursued. Media ownership and program content rules are receiving unprecedented attention. The FCC is currently at a turning point in its interpretation of how severe fines should be for violations of standards and practices. Proper maintenance and availability of engineering records and public information files is also an area where we can provide guidance. 

Petitions for Rulemaking:
Many of the rules and regulations that the FCC creates or is charged by Congress to enforce are either untried or ambiguous enough to require clarification. In some instances, a rule may be needed where none exists. We can petition the FCC on your behalf to obtain amplification of an existing rule or the creation of one affecting your operations or business practices.

Most clients have competent local counsel to assist in everyday business issues and litigation. However, telecommunications law is a highly specialized field. Your family or business attorney probably does not understand the phenomenon of intermodulation or know how a combiner works. We know the law, the technology and the infrastructure. HLG will consult with your general counsel to ease the learning curve and will file persuasive, technically accurate pleadings. Our expertise has resulted in substantial pre-trial settlements for our clients.