Telecommunications Towers and Infrastructure

Tower Owners and Site Managers:
Tower and antenna site ownership, maintenance and management are rapidly becoming the most important areas of telecommunications. Without facilities, networks are not built, expanded or improved. It's all about location: getting it, keeping it and using it to your best advantage. Higgs Law Group can assist site owners and managers with ongoing ownership requirements as well as administrative and operational tasks.

Contracts & Transactions:
Site leases and collocation agreements require special attention to detail and awareness not only of what is on the paper, but of what is not on the paper. Problem solvers by nature, our lawyers creatively resolve seemingly insurmountable negotiation challenges. HLG's experience in negotiating and drafting contracts for such purposes as tower leases, asset purchase and sale, and management contracts equips us with the knowledge and resources to make site ownership and management a profitable enterprise. Consultations with HLG's tower experts will help you to maximize the value of your vertical real estate. Tower site contracts often run for 20 years or longer. Some good advice now can save a lot of frustration later.

Brokerage Services:
Looking to sell your site, but potential buyers are not lined up at your door? Need to acquire sites to fill a gap in your network? HLG can help you to identify potential buyers and sellers in your market, and, more importantly, to negotiate the best possible price and terms. There are distinct advantages to having a broker who is also your attorney. The sale price is but one aspect of any transaction; often just as important are the terms and conditions spelled out in the contract. HLG's attorneys have successfully brokered sales of over $100 million worth of spectrum, infrastructure, recurring revenues, and intellectual property.

FCC Enforcement:
Health and safety issues have never received more attention than now. Maximum Permissible Exposure to RF radiation, proper signage, lighting and site security need constant attention. FCC citations and fines are increasing in frequency and severity. We can help you to identify potential trouble spots in your operations before the regional field office gets involved. If you already face an enforcement proceeding, we can work together to minimize your exposure and explore mitigating circumstances.

Historical preservation and land use:
Non-telecommunications regulatory bodies such as OSHA, the EPA, the FAA and state and tribal historical agencies are making their presence felt in the site world as well. Historical preservation compliance is a hot issue regarding existing and planned sites in close proximity to designated historical or archeological locations. We can help you identify potential trouble spots in your coverage area and negotiate peaceful coexistence. We can also help you when dealing with local zoning ordinances that are designed to circumvent federal and state laws. Our lawyers are adept at seeking agreements for mutual advantage instead of resorting to confrontation. HLG's Washington-area presence also allows us to explore and enhance your opportunities for siting on public lands administered by numerous federal agencies.

Tower and antenna sites are real property, and property ownership inherently involves liability. Siting may also involve overcoming unreasonable restrictions or requirements from local governments. Most clients have competent local counsel to assist in everyday business issues and litigation. However, telecommunications law is a specialized field. We know the law, the technology and the infrastructure. HLG will consult with your general counsel to ease the learning curve. We will ensure that pleadings filed on your behalf are persuasive and technically accurate. In many cases, it is as important to understand the engineering and the technology as it is to know the law.