Corporate & Commercial Transactions

Setting up a new telecommunications business, or restructuring an existing one, is best served by knowledge of the environment in which that business operates and the peculiar responsibilities faced by a licensee or infrastructure owner. Higgs Law Group L.L.C. can assist you with articles of incorporation, partnership creation, company bylaws and periodic filings. 

Telecommunications contracts require special attention to details and an awareness not only of what is on the paper, but of what is not on the paper. Problem solvers by nature, our lawyers creatively resolve seemingly insurmountable negotiation challenges. HLG's experience in negotiating and drafting contracts for such purposes as tower leases, relocation agreements, spectrum leases and system license agreements equips us with the knowledge and resources necessary to tackle any hi-tech business transaction. 

Commercial Transactions:
Complex transactions, financing arrangements and stock-purchase agreements have details that require special attention and notifications. Transfers of ownership or control of spectrum assets and real property must not only be judicious business decisions, they often must satisfy certain regulatory requirements. The new opportunities in spectrum secondary markets present challenges and entirely new ways of doing business. Additionally, if you are planning to exit or reposition your telecommunications business, we can assist in maximizing the potential return on your infrastructure, channels, customer lists and other assets. 

Brokerage Services:
HLG can help you to identify potential buyers and sellers in your market, and, more importantly, to negotiate the best possible price and terms. There are distinct advantages to having a broker who is also your attorney. The sale price is but one aspect of any transaction; often just as important are the terms and conditions spelled out in the contract. HLG's attorneys have successfully brokered sales of over $100 million worth of spectrum, infrastructure, recurring revenues, and intellectual property. Do-it-yourself is a great concept for minor home and auto repairs, but when it comes to parting with your hard-won telecommunications assets, leave the negotiations to professionals.