Commercial and Private Wireless

Serving clients who are:

  • Specialized Mobile Radio Providers
  • Paging System Operators
  • UHF/VHF Land Mobile Operators
  • Business and Industrial Users
  • Interconnection Agreement Parties
  • Entrants into the new 700MHz bands
  • Community Repeater Operators
  • Spectrum Auction Participants
  • Cellular Providers
  • PCS Service Providers

It's not your father's radio business anymore. Commercial wireless may no longer be in its infancy, but the ground is constantly shifting under your feet. Commercial wireless is also the most diverse community under federal regulation, and each market sector has peculiar requirements vital to its success. Rebanding, changes in technical rules, spectrum auctions, spectrum leasing and license coordination pose a variety of challenges. 

If you are a Business and Industrial radio system owner, you may not be a wireless service provider. Nevertheless, radio is a mission-critical part of your business. Let us handle the numerous licensing and regulatory issues affecting your internal or fleet communications while you focus on your core business services or production goals. 

Higgs Law Group L.L.C. can assist commercial and private wireless not only with maintaining your place, but also with building out your system to meet your expanding needs.